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    Bavaria Group is the first and original Real Estate company
    selling and managing apartments in exclusive residential areas in Kuwait.

    Bavaria Group Real Estate has been in the business for over 8 years
    and is well known in the real estate industry for housing employees
    of many large western companies in Kuwait.


    Our project planning,engineering,industrial and energy businesses are now growing. Our range of specialist services including planning, project management, engineering and contracting,continue to expand.Our reputation is spreading far and wide and we are now making a name for ourselves in diverse fields.


    Bavaria Group is among the most efficient Realestate Company in the Middle East. Bavaria Group represents a tremendous concentration of technical and strategic knowledge in Kuwait and internationally.


    Our highly-skilled work crews specialize in handling construction projects with the utmost care for safety considerations while meeting all budgetary and scheduling requirements.We have received numerous awards and commendations for the safe and timely completion of various projects.

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